London-born Michelle Caplan’s early years seemed to see her live in different places that if put together would resemble a collage. After being born in London, her family moved to Monte Carlo when she was 3. They later left for Los Angeles when she was 6 years old. Shen then went on to study and work in NYC in 1998.
She grew up with a passion for the art of collage. She then channeled it into a flourishing career by melding her BFA in Graphic Design degree at the School of Visual Arts with her design skills honed by her work in the publishing industry designing a slew of book covers.
Now, Caplan has innovated the unique style she describes as Collage Portraiture wherein she brings photographic history to life by presenting each piece as a one-of-a-kind narrative. She also does commissions and includes in her work portraits of pets, automobiles, weddings, and even one’s place of birth. Her creations consistently aim to tell a person’s story while also linking the past with a visual legacy for the future.
Caplan, a Mixed Media Collage Portrait Artist, currently lives and works in Los Angeles with her two daughters.


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